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October 2014 Newsletter

Editorial Moving into the regions Whilst its is true that Europe’s major airports are getting busier and busier, it is also undeniable that regional airports across Europe are not only growing in passenger numbers but also in their attraction to…

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September 2014 Newsletter

Editorial EU Prevents more charges People have their own individual views about the merits, or otherwise, of the European Union and indeed regarding anything that is harmonized within the European Union with regards to rules and regulations. There is one…

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July / August 2014 Newsletter

Editorial The first half of the year for the aviation industry has been a fairly memorable one; if only for the wrong reasons. As we issue our summer July and August Newsletter yet more aviation disasters with planes from Taiwan…

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June 2014 Newsletter

Editorial Auctions are nothing new; traditionally one has always associated them with high value paintings or works of art. More recently, auctions have come to the fore when harnessed with technology and the internet and creating  a whole new industry…

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April 2014 Newsletter

Editorial For several years, the booking online through so called Online Travel Agents (OTA”S) has been a ‘pain in the rear’ for hotel owners. The fact of the matter being that when travellers book through an OTA, the hotels loose…

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March 2014 Newsletter

Editorial The Plot Thickens As we go to press, the mysterious case of the disappearing Malaysian Airlines plane is still only reaching a conclusion at a snails pace. If it did meet its end in the Southern Indian Ocean as…

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February 2014 Newsletter

Editorial The American habit of having a loyalty card for anything and everything is now also firmly entrenched in this part of the world. Many or indeed the majority of people who travel will have one or two airline loyalty…

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January 2014 Newsletter

Editorial New Sources Bulgaria is amongst the countries of the European Union in which overnight stays in tourist accommodation has increased the most. The country recorded an increase of 6.2% in 2013 placing it in 5th place of the countries…

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