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Lufthansa Plane

April 2022 Newsletter

Editorial The Challenge in Ramping Up Throughout the past two years of hysteria surrounding a re-branded flu epidemic, a healthy trade ensued in predicting the future. Journalists who with fleet of pen and keen to make sure their mortgage was…

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Traveller Airport

March 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Getting back The current trend in travel is most definitely the desire "to travel”,  in defiance of the combined treble frontal attack to restrict people’s ability to move around through state encouraged re-branding of the common flu virus, the…

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February 2022 Newsletter

Editorial A bad dream Very few of our generation would ever think we would see another nutter determined to wreck the world yet sitting so close to our doorsteps. There are many people still alive with memories of World War…

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January 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Is the end nigh? Whilst the comment that here in Bulgaria, the last week of January always feels like it’s the "coldest of the year" might appear to be taken from a meteorologist’s diary, it is pretty much a…

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