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April 2019 Newsletter

Editorial The numbers game Sofia has seen an 82% growth in tourist visitors over the past decade it was announced at the recent AGM of the National Tourist Board with the largest numbers of visitors coming from Germany, the UK,…

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March 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Why the A380 failed! It’s not often that a new aircraft catches the public’s attention in the same manner that the “’Double Decker’ Airbus A380 did when it took its first commercial flight back in 2007. The plane was…

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Virgin Airplane

February 2019 Newsletter

Editorial The Copious Rules of Airlines Aside of the news that the Airbus A380 is about to meet an early grave, the talk within the travel world recently has been about Lufthansa: but for all the wrong (or right) reasons…

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Air France

January 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Lift or not The ‘” will they, won't they’” (ever) build a second gondola lift at Bulgaria’s Bansko ski resort is the sort of story that would be considered as being “too stupid to make a bad TV series’”…

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December 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Here we are at the year end once again, a cycle that seems to accelerate the older we become. This past year has seen its usual comings and goings and the usual issues re re re-appearing when it comes…

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November 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Is the writing on the wall As Bulgaria stepped out of communism and into the free world (sic) in the early 1990s, one airline company was vital for the new found connectivity that the country needed with the new…

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October 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Bansko - Value for money again The winter season is just around the corner and the ski resort of Bansko will be delighted to read that it has returned to the top of the class when it comes to…

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Venice Cruise Ship

September 2018 Newsletter

Editorial The future is online, isn't it? We are constantly bombarded with the ‘’it's online” slogan by everyone from banks to retailers, from government to utility provider. The world does, at times, feel like it’s totally ‘’online’’.  Doing anything online…

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July / August 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Economy teachers of an older age must be struggling to get to grips with the “new economic world’. Just as Economy teachers in those countries that were considered to be any of either socialist/communist/command economy/dictatorships (or all of the…

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June 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Does demand create supply or does supply create demand; a question that sounds like something taken from an economics class. When it comes to the Travel Industry the same question can still be asked and indeed both scenarios could…

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May 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Labour shortage bites Not for the first time the Bulgarian Black Sea seems to be suffering from a shortage of summer labour. An estimated 2700 vacancies are struggling to be filled according the Country’s Employment Agency. Staff shortages are…

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