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New York Travel

April 2017 Newsletter

Editorial The Sharing Economy The rise and rise of the ‘sharing economy’ is well documented’, the names of Uber and Airbnb are known by many travellers and judging by the market shares they have attained in their respective travel sectors,…

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Airport Bags

March 2017 Newsletter

Editorial There are several ways to skin a cat and you don’t need a sledge hammer to crack a nut; or so the sayings go. The hot news in the travel world is that with almost immediate effect, passengers travelling…

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Ski Lift

February 2017 Newsletter

Editorial The short ski How fast do we now see time honoured assumptions changing almost before our very eyes? The rate of change is gathering momentum at a breakneck pace and this not only applies to technology which seems to…

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Airport Architecture

January 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Forget the water and contact lens solution, here's a gun The recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport puts the whole security charade into perspective and highlights the farce behind airport security. Starting at the bottom of the ladder, in…

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Book Flights

December 2016 Newsletter

Editorial This is the month when we look back at what was hitting our travel radar during 2016 and we certainly weren’t short of news stories; the majority of them sadly were in the news for the wrong reasons. Anyhow…

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November 2016 Newsletter

Editorial The shape of things to come A recent announcement by Ryanair contains news that, on the face of it, might start to make the likes of Lufthansa, BA and Air France sweat somewhat. It said that by the end of this…

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October 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Aviation History in Bulgaria Aviation history was made on Sunday 16th October when the first ever Airbus A380 landed in Sofia in what turned out to be a win win situation for everyone involved in the PR event. The idea to…

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September 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Huge passenger growth creates new problems Sofia’s new airport terminal opened in the last days of 2006 to coincide with the country’s accession into the EU in January 2007. The new facility is certainly “up to the mark’ and…

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Hotel Room

July / August 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Another year, another neighbour in turmoil It wasn’t long ago when our southerly neighbour Greece was the main topic of conversation here in Bulgaria, as well as across Europe. A year on and another neighbour, this time Turkey is…

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June 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Brexit It would be interesting to know who actually conjured up the word ‘Brexit’ and therefore inadvertently entered themselves into the history books. The strange thing is that whilst everyone now knows what the word means, no-one actually knows…

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May 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Two into one The concession to operate Sofia Airport has been talked about for some time; each time the topic arose it seemed the government quickly poured cold water over it for whatever reason. Now we are told that…

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