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September 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Huge passenger growth creates new problems Sofia’s new airport terminal opened in the last days of 2006 to coincide with the country’s accession into the EU in January 2007. The new facility is certainly “up to the mark’ and…

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Hotel Room

July / August 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Another year, another neighbour in turmoil It wasn’t long ago when our southerly neighbour Greece was the main topic of conversation here in Bulgaria, as well as across Europe. A year on and another neighbour, this time Turkey is…

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June 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Brexit It would be interesting to know who actually conjured up the word ‘Brexit’ and therefore inadvertently entered themselves into the history books. The strange thing is that whilst everyone now knows what the word means, no-one actually knows…

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May 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Two into one The concession to operate Sofia Airport has been talked about for some time; each time the topic arose it seemed the government quickly poured cold water over it for whatever reason. Now we are told that…

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April 2016 Newsletter

Editorial Transparency only when required We are force fed the virtues of transparency by the good and the great of the commercial world, transparency though is something fictional that only the deluded and those who seek some sort of a…

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Airport Runway

March 2016 Newsletter

Editorial So it goes There seems hardly any point in harping on about the latest terrorist incident in Brussels other than to say that this week’s sad event was hardly surprising. Brussels is seen as the head of an enemy…

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Airport Susnset

February 2016 Newsletter

Editorial A safe choice? The ‘safe choices’ for summer holiday destinations as perceived by holidaymakers seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Once popular destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco are very much now deemed to be ‘’out of…

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January 2016 Newsletter

Editorial As we start the New Year let us wish all of our readers and travellers a successful 2016 with as little hassle as possible whilst on our travels. This will of course require airlines, airports and their respective employees…

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December 2015 Newsletter

Editorial At the end of the year we always reflect on some of the news stories that have featured in the years monthly editions. Some news stories are humorous, others far from it. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris underline…

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November 2015 Newsletter

Editorial Terror fatigue? The recent events in Paris were shocking to many of us though perhaps not totally surprising. Whilst the notion that the events were not a surprise might sound contentious to many with their heads stuck in their…

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October 2015 Newsletter

Editorial Through the 185 previous editorials of our Monthly Newsletter we have refrained from writing any ‘smutty’ stories although some articles may have been contentious. We could not however, ignore a recent (true) news article concerning an amazing piece of…

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