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December 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Twenty-Five years on and it’s that time of year again when we re-cap some of the stories that have grazed our newsletter throughout the year. Of course these are just a snippet of some of the many stories, facts…

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November 2017 Newsletter

Editorial How safe are you and your data The question of “how safe is your data’” seems to be a re-occurring theme these days with hardly a week passing by without some high profile organization admitting that their data systems…

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sofia travel

October 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Bed Time Stories The acceleration of the date when Bulgaria will take over the seat of the EU presidency from the second half of 2017 to 1st January 2018 will no doubt have sent the local state employees, brought…

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September 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Retribution time? Ryanair have changed the face of air travel in Europe - for better or for worse. What they do is deliver to their passengers exactly” what it says on the box’”. They have brought air travel to…

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July / August 2017

Editorial Imagine the scene; the local inhabitants of Bourgas and Varna parading in the streets, smashing hotel windows and daubing graffiti on restaurants filled with throngs of tourists from across the globe, their message – go home tourists we don’t…

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british airways flight

June 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Controlled by technology Are each and everyone of us becoming too dependent on technology? That same question has been heard now for several years but when asked five or ten years ago, any such dependence we thought we had…

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May 2017 Newsletter

Editorial More and more low cost The rise and onward rise in importance on the local level of both Wizz Air and Ryanair is nothing short of spectacular. Hardly a month goes by these days without a new route opening…

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new york travel

April 2017 Newsletter

Editorial The Sharing Economy The rise and rise of the ‘sharing economy’ is well documented’, the names of Uber and Airbnb are known by many travellers and judging by the market shares they have attained in their respective travel sectors,…

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Airport bags

March 2017 Newsletter

Editorial There are several ways to skin a cat and you don’t need a sledge hammer to crack a nut; or so the sayings go. The hot news in the travel world is that with almost immediate effect, passengers travelling…

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ski lift

February 2017 Newsletter

Editorial The short ski How fast do we now see time honoured assumptions changing almost before our very eyes? The rate of change is gathering momentum at a breakneck pace and this not only applies to technology which seems to…

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airport architecture

January 2017 Newsletter

Editorial Forget the water and contact lens solution, here's a gun The recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport puts the whole security charade into perspective and highlights the farce behind airport security. Starting at the bottom of the ladder, in…

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