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December 2022 Newsletter

Editorial This is the time of year when we look back at some of the monthly articles that found our attention during 2022.  There seems to be less articles of amusement this year and more articles pointing a question at…

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November 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Money Talks The Football World Cup which is currently occupying people’s attention both on the sports pages as well as in the mainstream news, is already the subject matter of documentaries and investigative journalism. Regardless though of what is…

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October 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Burning the facts In the less democratic parts of the world, to go against the narrative is hardly likely to boost your career prospects and it may well be said that it may also be life threatening. We live…

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September 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Travel is a Majority Decision The pandemic brought lots of opinion on how it would impact the world of travel and many opportunists were keen to make their view of the future heard. Just how many of these same…

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July August 2022 Newsletter

Editorial A sense of perspective required There was almost a sense of resignation detected in the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism’s press release in August that the Black Sea summer season will end up at around 80% of 2019 levels (the…

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June 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Re-Build the Re-Build The new operators of Sofia Airport SOF Connect, the Joint-Venture between French Infrastructure Investor Meridiam and Munich Airport, has announced plans to move all commercial flight operations into the ‘’new” (sic) Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is…

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hotel room

May 2022 Newsletter

Editorial To change or not to change? If we are to believe the reports coming out in the local media, the current Bulgarian government plans to steam ahead with the adoption of the Euro with 1st January 2024 being the…

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Lufthansa plane

April 2022 Newsletter

Editorial The Challenge in Ramping Up Throughout the past two years of hysteria surrounding a re-branded flu epidemic, a healthy trade ensued in predicting the future. Journalists who with fleet of pen and keen to make sure their mortgage was…

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traveller airport

March 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Getting back The current trend in travel is most definitely the desire "to travel”,  in defiance of the combined treble frontal attack to restrict people’s ability to move around through state encouraged re-branding of the common flu virus, the…

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February 2022 Newsletter

Editorial A bad dream Very few of our generation would ever think we would see another nutter determined to wreck the world yet sitting so close to our doorsteps. There are many people still alive with memories of World War…

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January 2022 Newsletter

Editorial Is the end nigh? Whilst the comment that here in Bulgaria, the last week of January always feels like it’s the "coldest of the year" might appear to be taken from a meteorologist’s diary, it is pretty much a…

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