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December 2023 Newsletter

Editorial It’s the time of year when we select a news item from each month that grabbed our attention as the year progressed. The past year has not been without its usual challenges in the industry, though invariably many issues…

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electric vehicle parking

November 2023 Newsletter

Editorial Don't Challenge the Narrative Some 2.5% of the worlds carbon emissions are apportioned to the aviation industry, but it would be an interesting exercise to survey the public at large to ask what they ”think” is the aviation industry’s…

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October 2023 Newsletter

Editorial Head Scratching Politicians live in their own self-fulfilling world, but their actions impact normal people during the course of their every day life. Often their decisions create scenarios and self-fulfilling prophecies that then appear to justify their initial action,…

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train in station

September 2023 Newsletter

Editorial The UK and France are not the only deciding influence across Europe when it comes to trade, commerce and politics. However, what the UK and France actually do in these spheres invariably tends to hold sway across much of…

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hotel room

July / August 2023 Newsletter

Editorial The New Facts of Life Anyone who has travelled in the post pandemic era will be more than aware that both the cost of the flight to your destination and the cost of the accommodation once there has seen…

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June 2023 Newsletter

Editorial A bit of a mess The national flag of the Netherlands is coloured red, white and blue and evolved in the 17th Century from the earlier 16thcentury variant of orange, white and blue. The Netherlands is one of Europe’s…

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airport lost and found

May 2023 Newsletter

Editorial Fuelling the Cost This month’s edition certainly seems to be full of rants and is heavily airline focussed, for which no apologies will be forthcoming. Along with a conspiracy theory that these days seems to be attached to every…

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Beach bulgaria

April 2023 Newsletter

Editorial The Summer Commeth Whilst the first summer tourists will no doubt have arrived on the Black Sea already, the month of May is considered the month when the summer season typically starts, then the theory goes that visitor numbers…

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plane runway

March 2023 Newsletter

Editorial One or Two? Would you feel comfortable if you knew that the plane you were flying on had just one pilot? Getting the travelling publics opinion on this will likely throw up a mixed bag of answers, but as…

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hotel room

February 2023 Newsletter

Editorial It must be Brexit - no, wait As the world of travel gets back to near normality its perhaps curious to observe the challenges some profess to still encounter whilst at the same time questioning whether the challenges are…

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January 2023 Newsletter

Editorial Friday Moved to Thursday Whilst having a conversation with a Zurich based friend recently, the point was made that a new norm now prevailed in the world of travel and whilst it is true that over the past couple…

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