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December 2020 Newsletter

Editorial There will likely never be another year like 2020 – we hope. Though as we stand at the juncture of a new year, it’s hard to actually visualise what 2021 will be allowed to look like. No -one could…

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November 2020 Newsletter

Editorial Optimism or Pragmatism As the first snow of the year appears, thoughts at this time of year usually turn to the forthcoming ski season, this year is of course somewhat different than anyone can remember and the thought of…

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October 2020 Newsletter

Editorial What seems like an eternity ago, we were asked our opinion on which way the cost of travel would head at the end of the current farce. Of course the word farce wasn’t used, it was probably “crises”; it’s…

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September 2020 Newsletter

Editorial There are many people these days who try avoid watching or listening to the news as it seems that the brief of the those tasked with bringing what is happening in the world to the masses, is to make…

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July / August 2020 Newsletter

Editorial Winners and losers Before I start, the figures below are widely available from wherever one looks; whether they are factual in reality is a totally different matter. Also, the opinions or thoughts given seem, perhaps surprisingly, to resonate with…

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June 2020 Newsletter

Editorial Wny airlines can't return to normal As the general public leans towards the mentality that the world is now “’almost’” normal again, politicians and medical experts have a totally different opinion on the state of play. It would not…

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May 2020 Newsletter

Editorial Summer is here - but not as we may know it The summer holiday for many people is a “rite” as opposed to being an option. There are times of course through life when each of us has to…

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April 2020 Newsletter

Editorial The 80:20 Rule In any organisation, team work is of the essence and a key element of that team work is that everyone pulls in the same direction. The plan that is put into place may not be to…

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March 2020 Newsletter

Editorial It doesn’t require us to make any more statements about where the world is at currently nor where it is going. Even between typing this and someone reading it, the world could be in a totally different place. Business…

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February 2020 Newsletter

Editorial A couple of weeks ago, a short article in this newsletter on the Coronavirus story was envisaged. What that shows is how fast the world can change in a few short weeks. Even as the finger taps the keyboard,…

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January 2020 Newsletter

Editorial The World of Contempt Our first editorial of the year is perhaps a mundane one and is indeed a story that has run and run and run throughout the past year: namely the implied arrogance of aircraft manufacturer Boeing…

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