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2021 calendar

December 2021 Newsletter

Editorial Whilst growing up, the area where I lived was a test market for a new type of crisp (that’s chips to those speaking American), the product was called Stackers and was actually very nice. The product disappeared for a…

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November 2021 Newsletter

Editorial The race to the bottom “Never let a good crisis go to waste’ has been a quote cited by us on several occasions over the past months but without over playing it, the expression has never been as true…

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October 2021 Newsletter

Editorial Selfish Short Termism It is seldom that common sense prevails in commerce when vested interests and self-gain for short term benefit are put ahead of the greater and long term good. This is exacerbated when and if government bods…

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night plane

September 2021 Newsletter

Editorial Travel on the rebound? Now that the summer season is behind us, September has, for some time, been viewed as the month when the state the world is actually in will expose its true self. By this in travel…

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July / August 2021 Newsletter

Editorial Whose voice is it? In the dog and tail concept, it’s the dog who wags the tail, or at least it should do, when the tail wags the dog then that indicates potential issues and problems. Apply this rationale…

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June 2021 Newsletter

EU Claim the Victory from the Jaws of Defeat The past month saw the Presidents of the three EU institutions – the EU Parliament, The European Commission and the Council of Ministers, proudly stand to sign the EU Digital Certificate…

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vaccination certificate

May 2021 Newsletter

Editorial Promises Promises When Bulgaria started to look west rather than east and as it made its way towards EU membership, the nations’ journalists as well as those with nothing to say but keen to be heard, suddenly became e…

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travel passport

April 2021 Newsletter

Editorial The evolution of reality When the current pandemic farce first became apparent in early 2020, journalists and media battled to get themselves heard: livelihoods seemed to depend on who could produce the most sensationalist stories with the second battle…

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vaccine globe

March 2021 Newsletter

Editorial So, what does a vaccination do: Honestly? It is a dying skill whilst reading to not only read but to be able to absorb what the real meaning is of the article they are reading. Whether by accident or…

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airport empty seats

February 2021 Newsletter

Editorial The New Passport As the month of February closes, it signals more or less twelve months since the Coronavirus Pandemic started to wreak havoc on our lives.  All and sundry have been affected but there is probably no industry…

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January 2021 Newsletter

Editorial A new day dawns The sentiment of good riddance to 2020 seems universal, that said, the thinking that 2021 will certainly be better needs to be taken with caution. Perhaps the approach of “hope for the best but prepare…

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