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December 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Another year draws to a close and what a year it’s been. By far the biggest story was the collapse of iconic travel brand Thomas Cook; the moral of the story perhaps "you ain’t too big to fail". Though…

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November 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Lazy planning? As winter draws nearer, tourism folk seem more concerned with the ongoing fallout from the collapse of Tour Operating giant Thomas Cook and the perceived potential impact that will have on next summer’s tourist numbers than the…

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October 2019 Newsletter

Editorial The Cash Dilemma Following on from the sad demise of travel giant Thomas Cook, the usual comments abound regarding the clarity -  or lack of -  within the industry, of who owns the ‘’cash’” of travellers both in the…

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September 2019 Newsletter

Editorial 178 years and out Arguably the most iconic of travel brands, Thomas Cook has collapsed after 178 years of business leaving a train of debris and much recrimination behind it. The end came on September 22nd when the Tour Operator…

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July / August 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Summer is finally here but what appears not to be here are masses of tourists. Of course, the success or otherwise of a tourist season can’t be measured by the performance in just a few weeks of the year,…

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June 2019 Newsletter

Editorial All Change It’s the end of an era and the beginning of what will hopefully be a bright new one here with Jamadvice. The story so far is this. We began life in 1992 and survived through the dark…

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May 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Entertaining progress It seems only yesterday when the latest IFE was the “’big’” differential for airlines as they tried to win over passengers from rivals. What is IFE you may ask? It's “’In-Flight Entertainment’”. Fast forward, well, a few…

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April 2019 Newsletter

Editorial The numbers game Sofia has seen an 82% growth in tourist visitors over the past decade it was announced at the recent AGM of the National Tourist Board with the largest numbers of visitors coming from Germany, the UK,…

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March 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Why the A380 failed! It’s not often that a new aircraft catches the public’s attention in the same manner that the “’Double Decker’ Airbus A380 did when it took its first commercial flight back in 2007. The plane was…

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February 2019 Newsletter

Editorial The Copious Rules of Airlines Aside of the news that the Airbus A380 is about to meet an early grave, the talk within the travel world recently has been about Lufthansa: but for all the wrong (or right) reasons…

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Air France

January 2019 Newsletter

Editorial Lift or not The ‘” will they, won't they’” (ever) build a second gondola lift at Bulgaria’s Bansko ski resort is the sort of story that would be considered as being “too stupid to make a bad TV series’”…

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